About 4% of Rwandans
have Hepatitis C.

The blood-borne virus can remain for years as a chronic infection.

Gradually, it can cause cirrhosis and cancer of the liver.

This leads to death.

Rwanda has a plan to eliminate Hepatitis C
by 2024.

This is how they will do it.

Political Commitment.

The Government of Rwanda, under the leadership of President Kagame, has invested heavily in elimination of Hepatitis C.

Dr. Diane Gashumba, Minister of Health of Rwanda

Effective, affordable treatment.

Direct-Acting Antivirals (DAAs)
have a 95% cure rate.

I took one pill per day
for three months. I was pronounced completely recovered. I was so happy

Augustin Nsengiyumva

A record-low negotiated price of $60 per cure for WHO-prequalified treatment.

Since 2016, Rwanda has negotiated the price down from $86000, to $1000, to $350 to $60.

A Rapid Diagnostic Test

Administered on-site.
Takes 20 minutes.
Costs one dollar.


The availability of treatment is a major incentive to come for screening.

A five-year plan.

Screen: 4 million.

Treat: 120,000.

Strengthened laboratory capacity.

Enabling viral load tests across the country.

Access for all.

Train: Primary care doctors and nurses to prescribe and monitor treatment in each of Rwanda's 504 primary care centers.

"I received a letter from a very poor woman in a remote area who said, 'today I'm so proud because I'm cured.'

There is so much hope.
We are here to support Rwandans."

Prof. Jeanine Condo, former Director General
Rwanda Biomedical Center

Now Rwanda welcomes partner support.

The entire five-year plan
costs just $43 million.

The Hepatitis C elimination program is low-cost for a huge outcome. In five years, there will be no Hepatitis C in Rwanda. That's very exciting.

Dr. Sabin Nsanzimana

Director General, Rwanda Biomedical Center

Development partners, churches, the private sector and Rwandan citizens are joining the effort.

For partners, it is essential we act now, support Rwanda's Hepatitis C elimination plan and
save lives. We simply cannot wait until later, when people will suffer liver cirrhosis and cancer.

Sidonie Uwimpuhwe

Rwanda Country Director
Clinton Health Access Initiative

To learn more about how Rwanda's Hepatitis C elimination plan transforms the lives of Rwandans, watch Augustin's story below.

Rwanda aims to be the first sub-Saharan African country to eliminate Hepatitis C.

Rwanda is demonstrating that Hepatitis C elimination is possible.

Together, we can eliminate Hepatitis C

in Rwanda, and in the world.